Natural Vanilla Extract GAYA

It is produced in the city of Gutierrez Zamora, Veracruz at our processing plant, Gaya Vai-Mex. Our success is due to the quality and flavor of the Mexican vanilla bean, Vanilla planifolia , which is far superior to other vanilla beans found worldwide.

The best vanilla is grown in the region of Totonacapan, Veracruz, their place of origin. An expert in vanilla can discern the appearance, smell and taste which is superior to all other vanilla.

In the process of vacuum extraction, the vanilla beans are placed into stainless steel extractors which were custom designed and built especially for us, where menstrums solution of water and alcohol is constantly being circulated among the ejectors to optimally extract the taste.

Since 1947 we have had an enviable reputation for quality in our products. We manufactured two concentrations of 1 fold (1X) and 2 fold ( 2X), with yields of 120 ml, 20 ml, 500 ml,1lt., 1gallon carafes of 20 lts., and barrels of 200 lts. We adhere to FDA required standards for the natural extraction of vanilla.